If You've Found This, It's Probably Too Late.


James/21/Film student. Stegosaurus is the best dinosaur.

Just testing the instagram thing on my iPod, don’t mind me..

No. More. Nyan. Cat. Please.

Just finished watching South Park: 6 Days to Air, it was amazing!

Trey Parker is my Morrissey.

I have a headache

How am I supposed to achieve all my life goals with a headache?

It’s 5:37! Time for a Goth cup of tea!

Gonna have to sneak off to the computer room at some ungodly hour so no one will see me print of hundreds and hundreds of these… http://paperminecraft.net/

Just tried OnLive Gaming or the first time and it was awesome!

My laptop struggles with watching X factor on demand and here it was playing Dirt 3 as if it was no big deal.

I get my first full game for just a pound so I have to decide if I should wait for Arkham City to come out or be impatient and just get Deus Ex.

#On live  #Gaming  

Careers I have considered…

  • Chef
  • Director
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Professional Goalkeeper
  • Football Scout
  • Animator
  • Writer for Corrie
  • Stand-up Comedian
  • Batman

After about a year I finally bought myself some decent trainers! The badges didn’t come with them, they’re just cool.

You can stop all the petitions, letters and campaigning now, it’s official, I am posting stuff on tumblr again! I’m sure this is wonderful news for the three people who follow me (Hi Rach! Hi Issy, Hi Elliott!)

I’m into my last year of uni now and hoping to make the most of it, so I joined the football team (I quit after 40 minutes) and the comedy society (I quit after 3 minutes).

I’m going to try and do well with the work this year, I have a new library card so I can read loads of books, folders and notebooks so I can be organised, and a shiny Darren Bent Matchattack card for good luck.

What could possibly go wrong?

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